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In recent years bookstores have been invaded by self-help books of the most diverse segments. In Brazil several brazilian books were launched, some of dubious quality and others of excellent content. The author of the book "Creation of Wealth", phd Paulo Vieira already achieved a feat. He got the multibillion-dollar entrepreneur, Carlos Wizard Martins, to write the preface to the book.

According to the author, true wealth is that which combines the three human dimensions; being (identity), doing (capacity) and having (merit). Thus, he states that he has succeeded in formulating a mathematical equation, called the Enrichment Factor, where four variables influence and determine the enrichment capacity of the individual.

In the pages of the book, through questioning and testing, the author teaches the reader to make an x-ray of his financial health, talks about the limiting beliefs of enrichment, the five ways of wealth, and tries to establish financial goals.

The book itself has much of what the reader for this type of genre has found in other works. There is a space for testing and writing that seems to work much more in a face-to-face class than in the book.

But it is a work, especially for first-time readers, that can help create new thinking about wealth, its generation and multiplication. The work offers important tips on economics and finances, but be careful not to buy it again as it had already been published before with another title: Enrichment Factor.

For those who acquire the work, the author offers free online training of 4 videos, but beware, the training may just be a bait, so that you are led to acquire new products from the author. Because when you enter your personal data, it uses the already launched Launch Formula to promote your courses and advisories. And with that your mailbox can be full of emails from him.

My grade to the work 6.5


Wendell stein is a journalist, writer and audio-visual director. email wendellstein@me.com


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